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Send Something You Have Printed Before and Compare

How to Audition Managed Color Spectral Separations:

1.   Send us a file (low resolution is fine), that you have printed before, put  “Audition” in the subject line of the email and fill out the order form on this site. We accept RGB (preferred), or CMYK + spot colors files.

2.  We re-process the file for press printing.

3.   We send you a Managed Color Spectral set of color separations that you can compare (press proofing system is best) to a conventional set of color separations used to previously print your job.

If you like what you see and want spectral color separations on your next job, send in a file for a quote. The first live job is free.

Also available: Press proofing hardware, software, full gamut color chart and color management of all types.