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The most evolved Color Separations available:

Managed Color Spectral Separations

Imagine going to press with only the inks needed to print all the colors in your project. Today, almost all designs and art are created with the CMYK inkset and additional spot colors. Standard inksets like SWOP, G7 or Gracol produce tiny color gamuts compared to design color spaces like Adobe RGB.

Managed Color Spectral Separations are made by individually analyzing the color gamut of your project, then converting that gamut to just the inks required to reproduce those colors. Add to that, the colors are separated for ease of printing (less ink mixing), according to the colors in the file.

If color jargon is not your cup-of-tea, then all you need to know is that Managed Color Spectral Separations print all the colors in your job in the least expensive way. Traditional color separations rarely do that.