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Which Color Gamut Size for Your Print Job Would You Want? (see both images below)

Managed Color Spectral Separations Turn Printing Presses into Large Gamut Printers!

Managed Color Spectral Separations:

       *Analyze & match the (Adobe RGB) colors in your file

       *Formulate an ink set that can make most file colors in print

   *Reduces ink mixing of difficult colors to make printing easier

       *Uses gray ink to eliminate making gray with CMYK inks

* Can use Pantone inks for packaging spots and images in the same file so fewer inks can be used versus CMYK plus spot ink sets

Traditional CMYK separations:

 Try to stuff your file’s colors into a tiny four color gamut

 If there is a lot of ink mixing on press, then many unwanted color shifts can happen and any color adjustment on press will be difficult or impossible because each ink effects multiple colors