Why Managed Color?

Q: I can easily make (free) color separations by applying a (G7, Swop, Gracol, etc.) profile in Adobe Photoshop. Why should I buy color separations from Managed Color instead?

Managed Color Separations (top) versus
Conventional Separations (bottom)

Special Attributes           Managed Color Separations/ Photoshop

  1. Larger Possible Color Gamut            Yes                              No
  2. Print Pantone inks as contone          Yes                              No
  3. Fewer Inks (at full color*)                 Yes                              No
  4. Gray replaced by K only                    Yes                              No
  5. Expanded GCR (gray axis +K)           Yes                              No
  6. Re-process for any print process      Yes                              No
  7. Optimize Ink Usage                           Yes            Only std. GCR

*Separation sets can be made with fewer inks (versus conventional), in some cases.

All these optimizations can save ink and time on press, plus increase the color palette and quality of printed images.

Silk Screeners– Full color with fewer inks?

Offset Printers– More color with fewer inks or the same number of inks? Grays with gray instead of CMYK?

Packaging Printers– fewer inks and contone results using spot colors in image sections instead of CMYK.